What we do

To fulfill its vision, GAMC provides the following services to its members.

Information Disemination

GAMC acts as the first point of call to its members and stakeholders to access a wide range of information on Microfinance within and outside Ghana.

Capacity Building

In keeping with GAMC’s objective to strengthen Microfinance operations among members’ institutions and build capacity within the sector as a whole, GAMC facilitates and coordinates training programs, targeting MFI’s staff and Management at various levels and Board members.

Supervisory and Monitoring

also serve as a supervisory and monitoring body for its members to ensure that they stay within the regulated framework of the Central Government.

Advocacy and Lobbying

GAMC lobbies government, at various levels, to influence it in the development of an enabling environment such as formulation of appropriate legal and regulatory framework, Microfinance development policy and national capacity building programmes.

Resource Mobilization

In collaboration with government and other Stakeholders, GAMC mobilize resources on behalf of its members to support them with on-lending funds at competitive rate to ensure profitability, for implementation of human resources development programs, infrastructure development and support as well as other programs and interventions geared towards enhance the capacity of these institutions in service delivery and to achieve sustainability.