Greater Accra Region

List of active Members as of 22nd September, 2017

ACB Capital Microfinance

Acea Microfinance

Adipa Microfinance

Adom Boafo Microfinance

Adom Sika Microfinance

Advalue Microfinance

Afro-Arab Microfinance

Albrim Microfinance

Alliancetrust Microfinance

Alphamaga Microfinance

A-N Microfinance

AXIS Direct Microfinance

Bea ncity Microfinance

BI Microfinance

Bidvest Microfinance

BJ Capital Microfinance

Broadview Capital Microfinance

Capital &More Microfinance

Capitalhouse Microfinance

Capitalnet Microfinance

Cashback Capital Microfinance

Cashphase Microfinance

Cashplus Microfinance

Cedi Capital Microfinance

Central Microfinance

Christian mmunity Microfinance

Cidan Capital Microfinance

Citizen Capital Microfinance

Credability Investment & Microfinance

Credit Nest Microfinance

Crown Capital Microfinance

Crown House Microfinance

Crucial Times Microfinance

Cymain Capital Microfinance

Cypress Microfinance

Delta Microfinance

Dolphine Microfinance

DPF Microfinance

Eazy Capital Microfinance

Eclipse Microfinance

Elite Microfinance

Emerge Microfinance

Emeton Microfinance

EMWL Microfinance

Equity Focus Microfinance

EV Microfinance

Expressway Microfinance

Family Trust Capital Microfinance

Fast Track Microfinance mpany

Fed Microfinance

Financial Republic Microfinance

First Call Microfinance

Fountaingate Microfinance

Frontier Capital Microfinance

FTS Capital Microfinance

Future Leaders Investment M.F

FWF Microfinance

Gad Microfinance

GAP Microfinance

GEEM Microfinance

Gem Capital Microfinance

Giant Step Microfinance

Global Feed Microfinancial

Goldman Capital Support Microfinance

Great Nation Microfinance

Greenfield Microfinance

Home Support & Allied Microfinance

Hopeline Microfinance

Innovative Microfinance

Integrity Capital Microfinance

Interzen Microfinance

Jadelplus Microfinance

JCF nsumer Microfinance

Jireh Microfinance

Jita Credit Partners Microfinance

Kanafin Microfinance

Kapital Express Microfinance

KASDAF Microfinance

Kenstep Microfinance

Kesinor Microfinance

Kingsbanc Capital Microfinance

Kingsbridge Microfinance

Landmark Microfinance

Leverage Microfinance

Liberty Trust Microfinance

Mabia Microfinance

Man Capital Microfinance

Mars Microfinance

Maystep Microfinance

Medi Ghana Microfinance

Megamitch Microfinance

Melbond Microfinance

Metro Gold Microfinance

Micaid Microfinance

MOP Microfinance

Multi Money Microfinance

Multibility Microfinance

Nationwide Microfinance

Neighbourhood Microfinance

Nkosuo Microfinance

Noble Trust Microfinance

Obuoba Microfinance

OFS Microfinance

Ontime Microfinance

Options Microfinance

Orange Capital Microfinance

PAK Microfinance

Panam Microfinance

Payflex Microfinance

Pearlhouse Microfinance Ghana

Pimcel Microfinance

Prime guaranty FSL Microfinance

Primus Microfinance

Principal Capital Microfinance

Prof Microfinance

Progressive Microfinance

Proseed Microfinance

Pure Eden Microfinance

Renaizance Capital Solutions Microfinance

REOB FEKAMS Microfinance

Rivers Capital Microfinance

Ross Capital Microfinance

Safenet Microfinance

Savplus Microfinance

Shalom Microfinance

Shield Microfiance

Sim Microfinance

Solutions Microfinance

Sovereign Microfinance

Speed Microfinance

Star Alliance Microfinance

Starling Microfinance

Success For People Microfinance

Summit Vision Microfinance

Supreme Trust Microfinance

Tailored Solutions Microfinance

Talent Microfinance

Technol Trust Microfinance

The Mint Microfinance

The Trust Line Microfinance

Tiger Force Microfinance

Total Discount Microfinance

True Life Capital Microfinance

Trust Microfinance

Trustlink Microfinance

Trustwell Capital Microfinance

ttage Microfinance

Turnstar Microfinance

Ubuntu Capital Microfinance

UDF Microfinance

Unique Microfinance

Universal Microfinance

Uptima Credit & Microfinance

U-Save Microfinance

Vision Credit Microfinance

VOA Microfinance

Wema Microfinance

West One Microfinance

Westlake Capital Microfinance

Wintrust Capital Microfinance

Xerox Microfinance

Yeken Microfinance Servicices

YU Microfinance